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Horse Rescue

Adoption Requirements
Adoptions are strictly limited to a 2 hour radius from our location to applicants address

Board and post
Corral Panel
Split Rail
Coated Wire
High Tensile
Electric Tape (minimum of 3 strands)Fencing must be a minimum height of 4.5 feet. All fencing is expected to be in good repair, well maintained, and free of fallen debris or overgrowth. Wire fencing is expected to be tight and without sagging.

We do not accept these conditions:
Cattle Grates or Cattle Guards of any kind in areas accessible to horses
Barb Wire
Chain Link
Plastic Construction or Snow Fence
Step-In Posts as primary or perimeter fencing
T-Posts as primary or perimeter fencing.

For example, it would be acceptable to use Step-In or T-Posts as temporary fencing, a fence patch, or to create rotational grazing within a larger paddock. We do not accept either Step-In posts or T-Posts as permanent perimeter fencing


We accept field board with access to a run in shed, as well as access to a stall to both be forms of adequate shelter. We do not accept trees or other natural windbreaks to be shelter.
Run-In Sheds: Must be of adequate size for the number of horses present, based on a measurement of 6x6 per horse. Run-Ins must be three sided with a roof, and must have solid and reasonably clean footing.
Stalls: Minimum acceptable stall size is 10x10, with 12x12 or larger being strongly preferable. Horses are expected to have a minimum of 12 hours turn out daily except in the most extreme of weather conditions
Minimum requirement of 1 fenced acre per horse. Acreage must meet local zoning regulations for housing horses, which may exceed our requirements. In such situations, local zoning takes precedence over our requirements. The exception to this requirement is the horse that requires a dry lot for insulin resistance.

We require that horses have access to clean, fresh water in pastures and when stalled. Water needs to be provided in a trough or tub, with the ability to prevent freezing in winter weather. Natural water sources such as ponds, creeks, and streams are not accepted as a primary water source, but may be available as secondary water sources. We highly encourage the fencing off of bodies of water where deep mud can accumulate on banks or shores.

We require that at least one other equine (horse, mule, pony, miniature horse, or donkey) be present as a companion for any adopted horse. Goats, sheep, and other farm animals are not considered adequate companions. Horses must minimally be able to socialize over a fence line.

All animals are expected to be in good health, of a body condition score of 4 or better, be current on legally required vaccines and Equine Infectious Anemia (Coggins) testing, and have adequately maintained hoof / Paw care.

Heaven Sent Animal Sanctuary, Inc.

Horse Rescue in Waianae, Hawaii

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Heaven Sent Animal Sanctuary, Inc.