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Cinnamon's Journey

Gypsy is one of the horses that was both abandoned and abused, beaten, riddled with infections, bruised and suffering from malnutrition, when she was discovered by Tracey and taken to the horse farm where she, and the skills of an acupuncturist, have been bringing the animal to a modicum of health.  The horse still has boundaries to cross before being declared healthy again, but just a few weeks ago the veterinarian who was called upon to examine the animal, recommended the horse be put down.  Instead Tracey decided to try to save the life of the horse, and to date her method of love, good food and responsible care has been working in Gypsy’s favor.

Gypsy's Journey...

 Although caring for horses like Gypsy may be the principal thrust of Tracey’s venture, this charming woman is a friend to people, strangers she comes upon whom she learns to trust and who may have a need she can fulfill.  She also has provided a home for stray or abused dogs, some of which have grown old, but healthy, under her kindly caring.  The dogs approach strangers at first a bit wary, but immediately respond to petting and to words that soothe and calm.

The beauty of the surroundings, the mountains, the farmlands, the stately trees and the warm rush of breezes mixed with the sun’s brush of warmth offers the visitor a special feeling of connection with nature and with the kind of goodness that is truly memorable, shown by a Hawaiian woman, Tracey, and her friend, Xavier.

There are many ways to spend a day, or spend some time in loving others.  One of those ways is to follow along with Tracey, learning how God works with man in caring for His creatures.  For in the heart and hands of Tracey is found the greatest gift of all, the gift of loving not just the ministry to animals but the example of how love can be shared with all living things.

Tracey Kane owns a small farm in Maile, on the Waianae Coast, the Leeward side of Oahu.  Her love of nature, and for life itself, is demonstrated by how she cares for the creatures of the earth.  In this case, that caring centers around her horses, as she manages a rescue facility for ones that have been abandoned, abused or who no longer can be cared for by their owners.  Tracey finds joy in helping animals and has been caring for them, using her own money for more than 20 years.

Gypsy’s life saved by accupuncture and Hawaiian woman

May 25, 2015   Island Life

Heaven Sent Animal Sanctuary, Inc. on Oahu would like to invite you to come see our farm by appointment.

Our experience and skills help us to rescue and rehabilitate abused, neglected, and elderly horses.  We strive to prevent any future acts of cruelty by educating the community on responsible equine stewardship. We offer classes on various subjects from Equine 101 to Shoeing to get the community involved and to learn what it takes to care for a horse. Heaven Sent Animal Sanctuary, Inc. is a 501(c)3 Non Profit Tax Exempt Organization.

Heaven Sent Animal Sanctuary, Inc. has a  mission to create a healing atmosphere for the animals. Harmony along with love can heal an animals spirit so we can heal the rest.

The Healing Story of Cinnamon, The Hawaii Horse

September 2011 Edition Healing T-Post Injury  Pages 38 to 42

Many thanks to Susan Gibson of trailBlazer Horse Magazine for including Cinnamon's "T-Post Injury" story in your article.

UPDATE 10-15-2015

Today the tests are back in on Gypsy. The tests are conclusive she has Cranial Carcinoma. We are going to attempt all avenues. She will be receiving treatment and medication to insure her stay is comfortable

Update 11-05-2015Gypsy is currently on a special diet with Herbs and oils added. Ointment is massaged into hers legs daily for Pain.

07-25-2016 Gypsy is doing fine. She is on medication and therapy.

Heaven Sent Animal Sanctuary, Inc.

Horse Rescue on the island of Oahu, Hawaii

501(c)3 Non Profit Tax Exempt Organization

Sadly today,

Heaven Sent Animal Sanctuary gives a special "ALOHA" to Susan Gibson. September 2011 you put my story out and into the public eye... And I thank you. She was the amazing Editor of trailBlazer Horse Magazine. Susan Passed away on August 8, 2015. The August 2015 final edition of trailBlazer magazine is online.

On October 30, 2015 we received Ms. Maggie. She is 4 months pregnant. She was in rough condition when we received her. After just 2 weeks you can tell she is gaining weight. Here are the updates.

New Arrivals

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Horses who have been used in races and have grown old, or developed disabilities, are not always treated respectfully and kindly after they are no longer useful in earning money for their owners.  Tracey’s skills in caring for such horses offers them new life, when in many respects the horses are considered worthless when they can’t win races any longer.

Carol Forsloff– There are many delightful stories about how people do good in the world, and here is one that will likely make you happy if you love life, nature and care about all living things, as is demonstrated by a Hawaiian woman and an acupuncturist, as they have been saving the life of Gypsy.

Our Mission Begins...

Horses like Gypsy often have little hope once they are found so ill and/or abused.  It was the concern for their fate that brought Tracey to purchase land on the Oahu's West Coast to serve as a shelter for them.  Recently Tracey has initiated a non profit corporation to umbrella her efforts that to date have been solitary, except for the volunteer service of some of Tracey’s friends.  One of those friends is a man named Xavier, who is completing an internship in Hawaii to provide credentialed service to horses who need therapy.  His therapy comes in the form of acupuncture, but it is more than that.  Observe the man as he walks among the horses at the farm, carrying a bag of apples, then carrots and passing them along to the animals who come along and eat out of his hand; and you will see a man who truly cares for others.  That caring has been specific for Gypsy who has received acupuncture from Xavier.  The horse is reported as able to move somewhat better in the past few weeks as a result of the therapy.

Xavier finds willing folk to follow his lead, at least in feeding the horses.  He offers a few carrots to a journalist who walks along, watching and admiring the kindness and the gratitude shared by the friendly and responsive horses who literally eat out of one’s hand.

Tracey has devoted much of her spare time, and most of her spare change, to working with the hapless, seemingly hopeless horses she hears about or who happen to appear in some fashion on her life’s path.  Her ambition is for her land to become a training facility for others to learn how to care for injured animals while at the same time caring for them herself.  It is a tradition she wants to see carried on in Hawaii and other places around the world.

On October 23, 2015 we received Annabell. She is currently approximately 8 months pregnant.  Came in dehydrated and needing food.